5 Natural Steps for Fighting Cold and Flu Bugs

woman sickWhile it might be the beginning of March, we’re not out of the woods yet with flu and cold season. As the weather continues to fluctuate, the risk of getting sick is still very high. Work, schools, home and other settings where people meet continue to increase our risk of exposure to nasty,contagious bugs.

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Chiropractic Medicine – The Natural Choice For A Healthy Life

back painChiropractic medicine is one of the best and most sought after holistic medicines. Millions of people visit chiropractors every year for new injuries or as part of their regular health regiment.  One of the reasons why this natural practice is so popular with people from all walks of life because it does not use medications or painful procedures to treat conditions.

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Have a Happy, Healthy, and Pain Free Christmas Holiday 🎁

merry-christmasChristmas is only a few days away. While many are preparing to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones, the extra tasks that come with this time of year can add a lot of strain and pain to the back, neck, and shoulders. It’s important during this busy time to stay on top of your spinal health by visiting your chiropractor during the holidays.

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Safety Tips for Preventing Falls in the Winter ❄️

winter snowAs beautiful a season as winter is, the snow and ice can make very dangerous walking conditions. The uneven, slippery surfaces significantly increase your chances of falling and injuring yourself. At Stephen Nutt Chiropractic, this time of year is a busy time for us. Many patients that come to our offices are suffering from injuries to their bones, joints, hips and back from falls.

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How to Get Proper Rest While Supporting Your Lower Back


Sleep is something that we need and do everyday. Our body's need the rest to function properly. But as much as we need to sleep daily, the reality is that most people don't get enough shuteye. Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to many ailments and health conditions including muscle pain, headaches, cardiovascular disease, migraines, respiratory issues and numerous other conditions.

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How Chiropractors Can Help Treat Anxiety

anxietyAnxiety is a normal emotion that almost everyone feels at one point or another. Life changing events, new situations, stress and major decisions can leave us feeling anxious. While some of these feelings are completely natural, they can also be very unhealthy and start to interfere with our daily life.

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Benefits Of Chiropractic Care

chiropractic services

Chiropractors are highly educated and experienced physicians who believe in healing the body naturally. Chiropractic treatments are a non-invasive method of helping people recover from illness or injury without the use of medications or surgical procedures. The natural healing techniques used by chiropractic doctors have helped treat arthritis, osteoporosis, headaches, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, pregnancy-related ailments, neck and back trauma as well as numerous other conditions and injuries. Chiropractic care benefits patients by:

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How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Improve Children’s Health

kids playing soccerFrom birth to adulthood, a child's body will go through many stresses, changes, and trauma. Natural birthing methods, growth spurts, sports, play, poor posture, and illness can have a negative impact a child's neurological system. This can result in the child suffering from many ailments and conditions throughout their life.

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Improve Your Health Using Chiropractic Services

indexA chiropractor is a health-care professional that focuses on the relationship between the body’s structure, mainly the spine and its functioning. Although chiropractors may use a variety of treatment approaches, they mainly perform adjustments to the spine or any other part of the body with the aim of correcting alignment problems.

There are many different benefits for visiting a chiropractor in Murfreesboro TN on a regular basis. We can work miracles on your musculoskeletal system and make your life better. Here are a few of the benefits of visiting a chiropractor:

Correcting Misalignments

Using spine manipulation technique or chiropractic adjustment, chiropractic care can correct the misalignments of the spine and joints. This type of treatment is said to be the most accepted and attractive therapy with patients.

Get Rid Of Pain

Getting rid of pain is one of the main reasons why people go to a chiropractor. Adjustments (manipulations) to the musculoskeletal system can do miracles to ease pain symptoms. Actually, just a few tweaks can correct all other ailments that you might have in your system such as back pain and tension headaches.

A lot of people do not receive chiropractic care unless they have been injured in sports injuries or car accidents; however it can be used to alleviate pain that are not necessary associated with injuries.

Better Blood Circulation

Seeing a chiropractor Murfreesboro TN regularly has been proven to help enhance blood circulation all over the body, reduce muscle contractions and help your system to speed up the natural healing process. After sometime, you will start to see some improvements in your immune system, notice better physical performance with your day to day activities and have extra energy. We also place an importance on fitness programs, nutrition and promoting life changes that will lead to better mental and physical health. 

Increase Long-Term Health

Spinal health is very vital, but many individuals do not care about it until later years in their lives. On the other hand, musculoskeletal system impacts several other systems within your body. Chiropractic adjustments (manipulations) have been proven to impact such things as your immune system, energy and vision. Energy, immune system and vision are the things that can make your whole health much better.

Psychological Effects

As the patient experiences relief from back pain and neck pain, he or she can then slowly return to his or her normal duties. The range of motion that the spinal and joints can perform is improved and the muscle surrounding the injured area relaxes. The patient then starts to feel positive and confident about himself or herself. In the long run, the patient’s relationship with friends and family improves, as well.

No Side Effects

Chiropractic care is currently the most attractive and most accepted alternative care in the world. This may be credited to the fact that it is a risk free treatment and because it uses no drugs, it is also free from side effects. Many patients report an improvement in their state right from the first visit. Unlike surgery or medical drugs, there are no major side effects that accompany chiropractic therapy; especially if you are seeing a competent chiropractor.